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Praying the Psalms with Augustine and Friends
Edited By
Carmen Joy Imes
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Praying the Psalms with Augustine and Friends
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Book Overview
The Psalms teach us how to pray. Many saints over the past three millennia have come near to God by praying the Psalms, and this volume introduces us to some of their greatest thoughts on them. Covering all 150 psalms, this companion to the "Prayerbook of the Bible" contains key devotional readings from the Great Tradition. This book will help us learn to pray as Jesus prayed—after all, He quoted from the Psalms more often than any other book.
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By Editor 
Carmen Joy Imes
This book will help you to re-hear the Psalms as you pray through them with the saints of old. It is a book to carry around with your Bible, to savor slowly with your morning coffee . . . It will touch your prayer life and calm your soul.
Donald M. Fairbairn, Jr., PhD
Robert E. Cooley Professor of Early Christianity
Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary
What a delight to read the Psalms in the company of the righteous! . . . The pithy and apt extracts from these scholars give extra insights for our daily meditation. I am looking forward to using this book!
Jill Firth, PhD
Lecturer in Old Testament and Hebrew
Ridley College (Melbourne)
For centuries, the Psalms have been the lifeblood of the church’s worship, witness, and soul care. In this volume, Imes invites readers to engage this life-giving book alongside their fathers and mothers in the faith . . . The nuggets of wisdom here should direct readers to engage the world of early Christian theology further, where they will find faithful friends and wise guides on the road of discipleship.
Stephen T. Pardue, PhD
Assistant Professor of Theology
International Graduate School of Leadership (Philippines)
Asia Graduate School of Theology (Philippines)
Praying the Psalms with Augustine and Friends
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