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Spiritual Friendship
Learning How to Be Friends with God and One Another
Edited By
Dr. Hank Voss
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Spiritual Friendship
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Fall 2021
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Book Overview
Growing disciples of Jesus will not thrive on their earthly journey without developing skill in choosing, testing, trusting, and enjoying friends. One of the best teachers of these skills is a pastor named Aelred. Known as one of the greatest friends in the history of the church, Aelred was a pastor, a theologian, and an exceptional friend to hundreds of people who wanted to grow into spiritual maturity. Through dialogue with three of his friends, Aelred teaches us about friendship while interacting with Scripture, reason, tradition, and his own lived experience.
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Video Introduction
By Editor 
Dr. Hank Voss
In the pages of this book, we come face-to-face with some very basic and practical, yet also very deep and spiritual, insights on the spiritual discipline of friendship. Hank Voss has distilled Aelred's already short treatise on friendship to a size manageable for any reader. This conversation on friendship seems to be a timely antidote for the divided times in which we find ourselves.
Isaiah A. Swain
Project Manager, Sacred Roots Thriving in Ministry Project
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