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Mission with Prophetic Power
The Journal of John Woolman
Edited By
Evan B. Howard
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Mission with Prophetic Power
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Book Overview
In Mission with Prophetic Power, Evan Howard introduces us to his good friend John Woolman (1720–1772). In this autobiographical record of his life, Woolman describes his charismatic, contemplative, and evangelical spirituality as he practiced a lifestyle of fair trade (justice) and minimalism (simplicity). Encounter testimonies of the “operations of divine love” in Woolman’s record of the goodness of God.
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By Editor 
Evan B. Howard
There are some people we all should really get to know. John Woolman is one of them. For modern readers, though, Woolman's language and time period may prevent an effective embrace and understanding of his life and practices. I'm pleased that Evan Howard's annotated edition of Woolman's journal is just what the inexperienced reader needs to become John Woolman's friend. Those already familiar with Woolman will find their friendship with him deepened. The exercises at the end of each chapter are also most helpful. I walked away from Woolman's journal encouraged and edified thanks to Howard's guidance. Well done! May the book reach a broad audience.
Christopher A. Hall, PhD
Former Director of Renovaré Institute of Christian Spiritual Formation
Professor Emeritus of Theology, Eastern University
John Woolman’s story is one of single-mindedness in following the voice of the Lord, and his dedication to promoting justice and equitable treatment for all of God’s creatures is convicting and inspiring. The introductions and reflection questions provided by Dr. Howard bridge the gap between Woolman’s story and the modern world, providing practical considerations for church planting in our current day.
Jay Pathak
National Director of Vineyard USA
Lead Pastor of Mile High Vineyard
This is a beautiful book that shares the story of someone who strived his whole life to be and remain a conduit of Jesus’ ways. This book inspires a follower of Jesus like me to believe in the simple miracle of perseverance as I try to be an agent of the good news of the gospel around me. It also challenges me to leave the results of my efforts and voice to the Lord and not be obsessed with my legacy.
Luc Kabongo, PhD
General Director of InnerCHANGE
Professor of Missiology, The South African Theological Seminary
Mission with Prophetic Power
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