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The Pursuit of God
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A. W. Tozer, edited by Glen G. Scorgie
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The Pursuit of God
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Book Overview
A. W. Tozer (1897–1963) was a humble preacher and self-taught Christian mystic who greatly influenced and inspired countless conservative Protestants in twentieth-century America and beyond. The Pursuit of God was his greatest work. Well over a million copies have been published. The little volume breathes a holy discontent with the merely formal and superficial aspects of organized Christianity. It tantalizes readers with the possibility of replacing external religion with direct encounter with the very presence of God. This newly revised edition of The Pursuit of God faithfully expresses Tozer’s original thoughts in slightly updated and more simplified modern language forms. It highlights Tozer’s extensive use of Scripture and adds resources to help make study of this little classic of Christian spirituality genuinely transformational for contemporary readers.
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By Editor 
A. W. Tozer, edited by Glen G. Scorgie
The Pursuit of God invites us to a scripturally grounded, mystical encounter with the Triune God, to bring our total personalities into conformity with God’s, so that we may become heavenly minded enough to be of great earthly good. The discussion questions and editorial comments in this special edition facilitate both individual and group study and thereby increase the transformational potential of Tozer’s classic work.
H. D. "Sandy" Ayer
Librarian Emeritus
Ambrose University
A modern Christian classic, The Pursuit of God is a must-read for all who desire a deeper walk with Christ. Calling us to abandon the self-focused life, A. W. Tozer presents a spiritual pathway that runs counter to our culture’s emphasis on self. That path invites us to “follow hard after God” in order to experience his manifest presence and hear the voice of the One who ceaselessly seeks “to speak himself out to his creation.” This new edition artfully updates the “thee” and “thou” language of the original work for contemporary readers, conveying Tozer’s message while losing none of its meaning and majesty. In doing so, Glen Scorgie offers a priceless gift to a new generation of Christians.
Glenn E. Myers, PhD
Professor of Church History and Theological Studies
Crown College
For over twenty-five years, as a friend of Dr. Glen Scorgie, I have often heard him mention Tozer’s life and work. Whenever he speaks of Tozer, it is with profound admiration and appreciation. His infectious enthusiasm is hard to resist, making Glen’s insightful understanding of Tozer a compelling invitation to revisit his works. Many Tozer enthusiasts consider Glen the ideal guide to deepen their understanding of Tozer’s life message. Following in Tozer’s footsteps as a faithful servant of God, Scorgie encourages his students to approach God with clear minds, to love him, and to discover ultimate fulfillment by truly abiding in him. I highly recommend this newly edited version of The Pursuit of God for Christian leaders seeking profound spiritual nourishment and insightful guidance in their journey.
Rev. Albert Lam, DMin
Senior Pastor
Chinese Bible Church of San Diego
Scorgie’s winsome and inviting re-presentation of Tozer’s The Pursuit of God will resonate with new generations of spiritual seekers who need what Tozer, a modern mystic, clearly and forcefully identified as what really matters—authentic meeting with, knowing, loving, and uniting with God. The reader will appreciate being introduced to Tozer as by a friend, learn about the context of Tozer’s words from a scholar’s framing and footnotes, and be helped to a fuller prayer life through the guidance of Tozer-inspired supplemental resources. Read and be caught up in desire for God!
Rev. Douglas S. Hardy, PhD
Professor of Spiritual Formation
Nazarene Theological Seminary
When I first read The Pursuit of God as a green Bible college student, I was in over my head. Now decades later, when I read it again as a seasoned Christian leader, I was in over my heart. It has incited in me a deeper, heartfelt longing fused with a wider, acute understanding of what it means to cultivate intimacy with God and experience his manifest Presence. As editor of this Sacred Roots Spiritual Classic, Dr. Glen Scorgie is an astute guide who interprets and applies Tozer for twenty-first-century readers. His introduction, Scripture updates, footnotes, end- of-chapter discussion questions (especially useful for small groups), and afterword will fuel your pursuit of God. Following Dr. Scorgie’s advice, I intend to practice recollection—reviewing what I read and inviting the Holy Spirit to incorporate it into my life. I highly recommend this classic!
Roger Helland, DMin
Prayer Ambassador, Evangelical Fellowship of Canada
Author of Pursuing God's Presence and The Devout Life
The Pursuit of God
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